Hotel renovation involves revitalizing and reinventing the architecture and services of your hotel to improve your hotel’s operations and image, as well as extend the lifespan of your hotel property. Renovations also increase the value of your hotel, placing it ahead of competitors’ and improving its revenue stream.

Although, there’s no specific number of times your hotel should be renovated, whenever you decide to renovate, you should invest in renovating specific major areas of your hotel that will help you stay ahead of the competition. These areas include:

The Lobby: The lobby of your hotel is where your guests form their first impression of your hotel service, as well as the community area where they socialize with other guests. Therefore, you should ensure your hotel’s lobby is inviting by renovating it to reflect your hotel’s unique flavor and personality.

Event Rooms: Events room, such as meeting areas, boardrooms, and event halls are a great source of revenue for your hotels, and so should be outstanding. When renovating these rooms, ensure the furniture and ambiance look outstanding and replace outdated technology with the latest modern technology.

Lighting: Bad lighting can be a turn off for guests as they give your hotel a gloomy mood. Thus, you should renovate your hotel’s lighting to create a carefree mood and welcoming ambiance that will keep your guests relaxed. Good lighting will cast a beautiful glow on the interior décor of your hotel, as well as enhance the exterior look.

Technology: there’s a constant change in advanced technology, and to set your hotel apart, you must keep up with these changes. When carrying out a hotel renovation, ensure that you improve your technology to the latest advancement, to will make your guest stay more comfortable.

At Supreme Hospitality Group, we understand the importance and effects of hotel renovation projects on guests, and have years of experience helping hotels in Orlando, FL renovate. Important things to know about hotel renovation.

We will identify all the possible barriers to the completion of your project, and provide an effective, strategic plan that ensures your hotel renovation runs smoothly and is completed successfully.